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A partnership of paralegals, putting the pieces together in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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About VAPA

What are paralegals? Where do they work? What do they do? 

The American Bar Association recognizes and formulated guidelines for the utilization of paralegals. Although there are several formal definitions of a paralegal, in general, a paralegal is a specially trained individual who performs substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts. Paralegals either work under the supervision of an attorney, who assumes professional responsibility for the final work product, or work in areas where lay individuals are explicitly authorized by statute or regulation to assume certain law-related responsibilities.

Educational Standards and Professional Responsibility Guidelines

The Alliance has developed Educational Standards and Professional Responsibility Guidelines for Paralegals in the Commonwealth of Virginia. These are recommended by the Virginia State Bar Standing Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law by Resolution adopted March 8,1995.

Our mission statement
To advance, foster, and promote the paralegal profession by providing a statewide voice for paralegals.

The goals of the Alliance are: 

1. To maintain a statewide communications network among its paralegal associations and other members of the legal community. 

2. To monitor developments in the profession.

About the Alliance

VAPA was formed by six associations in 1989 and is now comprised of paralegal associations and individual area liaisons located within the Commonwealth of Virginia. It represents over 1,500 paralegals and students across the state. The Alliance is non-partisan, non-profit, and non-union.


President Tammy Lynn, ACP, VARP: president@vaparalegalalliance.org

VARP Inquiries: VARP@vaparalegalalliance.org

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